Rice and Beans, the Band

Rice and Beans, the Band

On vacation in Cuba, Raymond Pine Falls LegionSt. Hilaire came across a band called Rice and Beans. It was such a cool  name. Thinking that they would not mind him using a similar version of the name miles across the ocean, Rice and Beans, The Band was born. He had the name now and just needed some great players. It did not take Raymond long to assemble a new group Raymond was living on Marion StDave-Al-Rayreet in a house that had Deens Caribbean Patio out front. Ken, the owner heard him strumming his guitar out back and asked if he would like to play weekends on his patio. What a gig….right outside his door! That was 15 years ago. We are pretty much the house band there even now. We play classic rock, blues and a little country. (The music we grew up with) Well seasoned, but not over the hill musicians playing straight from the heart.


Raymond St. Hilaire

I started playing with my good friend Alan McDonald when we were both 13 years old. 52 years later, here we are. One of our first gigs was a Louis Riel variety night Talent Show with Father Ouelette in charge of the production. Ernie Bruneau was on lead guitar and Gerry Drolet on drums. I believe we played My Girl, A Day in a Life by the Beatles and a Tom Jones number. Then life happened, got married and lost touch for a while. Years later, at the Marion Hotel, Alan was playing with his band, Fine Line. They sounded great, and soon I was a member of the band. We had a long run. Life happened again, lost touch. Now back together in Rice & Beans, The Band with another Louis Riel alumni, Dave LaBossiere, playing classic rock, blues and a little country. Hoipe you enjoy the band. I can’t wait to play for you all again.

Dave LaBossiere

One of my early times on stage was at a Louis Riel Variety Show, playing guitar in my first band, called The King’s Court……Then the year after, I played in the Louis Riel Variety show as part of the house band along with friends, Denis Tellier, Roger Cloutier and others. We backed up many acts, including Leo Dufault, singing Gloria and also played a number of songs between the acts. I was in a band called The Sect, which came to and end, when I got married to my Louis Riel Sweetheart, Jackey Savage. Surviving and with two children so early, I sold all my musical  equipment, piece at a time to survive. (very happy, going on 47 years married). Jackey bought me a an Ovation guitar, 14 years later which I still have and I also bought a Fender 12 string…….my life was 45 years of being in business, raising kids, then becoming retired in 2013. Raymond, a cottage neighbour needed a fill-in for his band when the lead player Bob was unable to make a gig. I crammed for two weeks and had so much fun filling in…..By the next year, I joined  Rice & Beans have am having lots of fun….. In a band, before my adult life……….and back in a band in my retired life…….



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