Justin Lacroix Band

Justin Lacroix Band

Band Members: Justin Lacroix (1997), Joël Perreault (1997), Joel Couture (1998), Gaëtan Larochelle (1992) & Ariane Jean (1998)

A bilingual singer-songwriter, Justin Lacroix shares his stories of love and loss, good times and life on the road with his smooth blend of folk, rock and blues. In 2005, he was joined by Joël Perrault on the guitar, Joel Couture on bass and Ivan Burke on the drums to form the Justin Lacroix Band. Highlighted by a tight-knit rhythm section, imaginative guitar riffs and a sweet 3-part vocal seduction, the live show is authentic and uplifting.

CLR 50th special with Gaëtan Larochelle on drums and Ariane Jean!


Louis Riel Collegiate 50th/e