Michel Chammartin and Nicole Laurin

Michel Chammartin and Nicole Laurin

Michel Chammartin:

Michel Chammartin was part of the graduating class of ’74 and began his musical and theatrical career in St. Boniface with Le 100 Noms and Le Cercle Molière. Music and Theatre drove him out west where he sMichel_Chammartinettled in Regina and formed the pop/rock group “ Les Zed “, (1990-1995) and from there joined the roots/trad  band, “ La Raquette à Claquettes “ . With both groups, particularly the latter, Michel toured the country playing many folk festival venues, recorded a total of six albums, some of which earned them a Western Canadian Music Award in 2006 and an Eastern Canadian Music Award in 2009. Michel has also enjoyed a 27 year career teaching high school Drama and producing and directing numerous festival productions for the Saskatchewan Drama Association. Michel continues his work with his current group as they are working on their 4th album and hopes to record his first solo album in the coming year or two.

Nicole Laurin:

Nicole Laurin graduated from Louis Riel Collegiate in 1975.  Nicole always sang as a child and played the Nicole_Laurin_02piano anywhere, anytime she could! 1969, Nicole performed at several variety shows & CKY TV with Lise Gregoire, singing “To Sir with Love!”  Nicole won a song contest put on by LRC in 1974, with her song called, “Amour Des Quatres Saisons!”

Soon after, she joined 100 nons.  Through 100 Nons, Nicole hooked up with Michel Chammartin, singing a variety of songs from “Les Séguin’s” a popular French Quebec group, Bob Dylan songs, Joni Mitchell, & many more!


As a group, they sang at school concerts, weddings as such. In 1975, Nicole & others won the LRC Variety show contest, hosted by “CBC” called “En Vrac” earning 1st prize with a $500 cash award given to Louis Riel’s fund for the theatre “Alou-Web!” Proud moment for all of the LRC students at the time!  

After graduation in 1975 onward, Miche  & Nicole sang at weddings & funerals & other social functions.  Nicole always dabbled in music,  as she had a keen ear for music, while she couldn’t read a note, composing songs & melodies on the piano, was always a passion.❤ Nicole was adopted at 6 weeks old.  It wasn’t until 1994, where she discovered that her keen ear  for music & the eye for art ran deep into the veins of her birth mother. Nicole is so truly grateful for these gifts! 

Nicole went to University of Winnipeg in 1988-1993, where she completed a degree in Business Admin. & Sociology.  In 1998, she moved to Calgary to sell RealEstate! That’s temporarily on hold!  She is presently selling Young Living Products.  She’s living it & loving it!  Nicole is constantly working on some new  paintings, or music compositions, always working on something to keep herself busy! 

She is hoping  to go back to Real Estate part time, one day sometime soon, she hopes!

Life is good!❤

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